An ANZAC day poem.

In the 70s, when I was a boy, I watched the old diggers on TV. It was a day to remember, but often as not, it was also their chance to warn us about the futility of war. Today, ANZAC day seems to me laced with patriotic zeal, and those old diggers are long dead. Sadly, their message seems to have died with them. This ANZAC day, I will remember those men and their sacrifice, and I will also try to preserve their most precious gift, the truth about war.

microcasts! have just upgraded my account so that I can play around with microcasts. Looking forward to trying it out.

Remembering early Digital Audio Workstations

I was talking about digital audio today with some (young) friends. I told them about the early Digital Audio Workstations that I used when I was working as a professional audio engineer. This was one of them. The D.A.R was touch-screen as I recall, but the touch-screen was terrible. I remember having to touch the clip just right otherwise it would select an adjacent clip, it was really frustrating. Our D.A.R. had only 8 tracks, crashed all the time, and I think it cost our studio well over $100,000. I have free apps on my phone that can do a much better job now.

Christmas shopping is starting to heat up in Melbourne. Good in small doses but I think I will choose a less busy time in future.

Five Songs

Five songs I am enjoying at the moment.

  • Because I’m Me – The Avalanches
  • Tall Man Skinny Lady – Ty Segall
  • Over Everything – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
  • A Man Is Not His Song – Feist
  • Dear Life – Beck

Also enjoying the fact that two of these acts hail from my hometown Melbourne!

Making the most of a sunny Saturday and have walked down to Docklands. Nice and peaceful escape from the apartment.

Spring is in the air tonight. A woman walking past just said “it’s so warm tonight, I’m so excited!”. Melbourne is great in Spring.